License Agreement and list of contributors across all repositories

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The software is currently being released under the GPL version 3 license listed here.

Paper Authorship

We request that papers based off work that uses the software tool chain should contact the software team via the SpiNNaker User Group to determine how to allocate contributions.

In the future the software is expected to be reported in a research paper, at which point the requirement to contact the software team will be rescinded and a citation to the research paper will be required.


The software is open source and therefore in principle we support the modification of any aspect of the tool chain, but we reserve the right to not support maintenance of said software once modified.

If you have made any modifications which you believe to be useful to the tool chain as a whole, we kindly ask you to contact the software team via the SpiNNaker User Group to be supported in discussions on if and how to integrate the modifications into future releases of the tool chain.


For up to date information on Contributors see the graphs/contributors pages on each project (bearing in mind that some older code predates being transferred to Github). For example SpiNNakerManchester/

As of September 2017 the contributors included (names in alphabetical order of their GitHub id):