Using support scripts to install from github on command-line

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This page details how to use some of the scripts in the SupportScripts repository to perform a command-line install of the software from GitHub. This can be useful when e.g. installing the software on a server local to the SpiNNaker machine such as sands or spinn-test in order to test bigger networks than a local machine might be able to deal with sensibly.


Make sure you have installed the Python requirements, and the C requirements.

It is recommended that the remaining steps are done in a virtual environment.

First, clone the SupportScripts repository:

git clone

Next, run the install script:

bash SupportScripts/ 8 -y

Then run the setup script:

bash SupportScripts/

Then ensure that the PyNN SpiNNaker link is set up:

python -m spynnaker.pyNN.setup_pynn

Make sure the C environment variables are set correctly, particularly if you are in a new virtual environment and you had an older SpiNNaker software install with different values for the environment variables.

Now you can build the C code by running the automatic make script:

bash SupportScripts/

To test this has worked, run e.g. in PyNN8Examples/examples.