Changing board IP Addresses

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WARNING: Be very careful when setting IP addresses, as once set the new values will take effect! If you loose the IP address after changing it or mis-type the IP address, there is no way to set it back again without connecting to the new IP address!

If you are changing the BMP IP Address and the SpiNNaker IP address, make sure you have one set and working before the other is changed!

The bmpc application is part of the spinnaker_tools software available from:

To configure the bmp IP address:

bmp_ip <Flag.X> <MAC.M> <ip_addr.P> <gw_addr.P> <net_mask.P> <port.D>

To configure the SpiNNaker IP address:

spin_ip <Flag.X> <MAC.M> <ip_addr.P> <gw_addr.P> <net_mask.P> <port.D>


- <Flag.X> is the flags to set in hex.  Normally these are c059 for spin_ip and c000 for the bmp_ip, but set them the same as they are already set if in doubt.
- <MAC.M> is the MAC address as nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn.  Try to keep this from previous configurations.
- <ip_addr.P> is the IP address as n.n.n.n.
- <gw_addr.P> is the gateway IP address as n.n.n.n.
- <net_mask.P> is the net mask as n.n.n.n.
- <port.D> is the integer port number that SCAMP will listen on.  Normally this 17893 (changing it will likely break a lot of software).

You can get the current settings using the commands above without any arguments. You should do this to get the flags and MAC address at least.