HBP 4th summer school

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SpiNNaker software is in constant flux as the software team adds new features to it. This means we often ask users to install a specific version of the tools for reliable support.

Due to the open-endedness of the planned SpiNNaker sessions in the summer school, and the fact the the most recent official release failed to support external devices correctly, we ask that participants of the 4th summer school who wish to use advanced features of the tools (such as external devices or PyNN 0.8 support) to install a newer version of the tools directly from GitHub. This version will become an official release within a few months of the summer school.

For participants who only wish to use basic PyNN 0.75 functionality, we ask that you install the official release.

Therefore, either follow link if you wish to use advanced features, or link if you wish to use basic functionality.

If you wish to set up a development environment to write new extensions to the implementation of SpiNNaker on PyNN, then look at this link if you wish to use advanced features, or this link if you are using the official release.