Sixth SpiNNaker Workshop

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Manchester, UK, 5th-9th September, 2016

The workshop is aimed at two groups of researchers: developers of spiking neural networks for computational neuroscience and robotics applications; and developers of new applications. To enable this we have consciously divided the workshop into two (non-overlapping) tracks. The five day workshop contained a mix of lectures and hands-on labs using the SpiNNaker hardware. Teaching was supported by printed overheads and lab manuals. These are available below.


You can get all of the slides as a single PDF here. Alternatively, the individual presentations can be downloaded below.

Lab Manuals

You can get all of the lab manuals as a single PDF here. Alternatively, individual manuals can be downloaded below.


You can get the combined slides and lab manuals from here.

Social Event

If you have any questions, or for information on future workshops, please contact: